Grab A Track – Let’s Collab, our new Monthly Challenge

We write 3 – 5 Songs per month and look for your voice!

Welcome to the “Grab a track – Let’s collab” Challenge June 2021! 🤩⁠

You got a mic at home, love writing & singing? 😁⁠

PERFECT! Discover 1 of 3 new tracks without vocals that “Ady Sun” writes & upload every month.⁠

You can download this tracks on our Soundcloud and make your own magic happen! ⁠

You Decide – Either you want to join the contest or just practice! Songwriting, you are more than welcome!

The idea is to find the right vocalist and make a track together for release.⁠

Learn how to get started!

Are you ready to write & record your vocals within 2 weeks? Submission ends on 8th July 2021! ⁠

Let’s do it – Once you feel it’s ready, send me the track & your vocal lines to with the Subject:⁠

Grab a track June 2021⁠ 

We will listen to all submissions and chose the one track that feels right for us.⁠

And what is in for you?🤔⁠

And then we take care of a professional Mix & Master for the track and release it after approval with you as Ady Sun feat. YOU as well as add it to our Film/TV Music Licensing catalogue.⁠

We offer a 50:50 split on every (!) income for the track.⁠

Also, we will promote you on our pages/social media & write a blog post with all links to you and your music.⁠

Let’s keep the creativity up – let’s collab!⁠

More Infos can be found here on Instagram

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day – hear you soon!

Adrian “Ady” Parzentny
Hit The Road Music Studio

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Adrian “Ady” Parzentny

Adrian “Ady” Parzentny is Musician for 20+ years and Music Producer since 2017. ⁠
He became Music Production Mentor at Promix Academy in 2020 & official partner with Produce Like A Pro.⁠
Between commercial projects he started a mobile recording studio, traveling the world support artists and reached out together to 1.000.000+ listener on YouTube – gathering always new inspirations.⁠