Recording in a Castle

Mobile Recording Experience

Looking for new Inspiration in your Songwriting?

Changing the environment can help us to overcome writers block and push our inspiration & creativity beyond our imagination.

That’s why we organised breath taking places in Greece to realise your full Album Production!

Push your creativity to a new level and change the curtains for a month while producing your new Album.

Enjoy the view on the Sea or get inspired by the Mountains around you and the sacred silence.

Bridge in the forrest

Recording in a castle close to Sparta

Breathtaking Castle in the middle of an Olive field (no neighbours) with a magnificent view on the Mountains.

Always wanted to record in a castle like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath?

Your are one step closer to your dream for an affordable price!

“Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Words come out of the void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.”

– Wayne Dyer –

You are one step away from an unforgettable recording experience!

Recording in this beautiful castle close to Sparta - view to the olives | Hit The Road Music Studio | Mobile Recording Studio

Magnificent view on the Mountains with a possibility of guided tours to charge your creative energy.

This remote location is often used for Yoga retreats to let the soul rest.

The facilities can hold up to 15 people, offer 4 Bedrooms with 16 Beds and 2 Bathrooms.

We will have the place only for us!

Breakfast and cleaning Service is included & there is also a kitchen available.

There are 2 local Taverns in the villages nearby and we offer the option to hire a personal cook.

I assist you every day through the whole process, operating the technical site from Recording to Editing & Mixing to capture your creative moment.

We organise Instruments and professional Recording Equipment for your specific needs.

We take care that you get picked up from the Airport and we are in touch with the owners for a smooth experience.

I am specialised in transforming average houses into great sounding recording places.

Experience recording on the Road through the World helped me to develop an ear for great rooms and act quick to get the Sound you imagine.

A balanced mind helps me to create a balanced mix | Ady Mixing Engineer from Hit The Road Music Studio at a painted wall
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This guy is just amazing. I asked him to record an produce a song I wrote. With my limited ability to play the guitar, he played it for me. As well as the bass and drums. And this song I wrote in the darkest hours of my life grew to something bigger and better. Thank you my friend!
Mark Meissner, Singer/Songwriter
What an incredible experience recording with Ady such a gentleman knows how to do the job done, I recommend HTRMS to anyone who wants to experience such a real studio recording session
batal in front of stageMohamed Batal, Guitarist, Zegro Band
"Such a professional service, the mastering was completed to the highest standard and the track sounded so polished - couldn’t be happier!"
Artist Layla Kay with Guitar | Mastering by Hit The Road Music Studio | Adrian "Ady" ParzentnyLayla Kay, Synth Pop/Dark Wave
My first impression was a neat "home studio", nevertheless they proved to be well equipped, fully competent and 100% professional. Would be glad to book this Studio again, if they pop in Krakow. 10/10.
teo szulc cielistTeo Szulc, Ciellist, Teo Szulc Quartet
Amazing idea! Seems almost utopic but it's been working. Ady and Kasia have a wonderful positive energy and they're great people and great professionals. I recorded 2 songs with them in Berlin and it was totally worth it 😊 A big thumbs up!
crossmoke band picCrossmoke, Multi Instrumentalist
Ady rocks! Amazing live recording experience and top-quality audio and video! Fantastic job, would totally recommend. ✌🏼
three marias bandFrancisco Calore, Frontman, Three Marias
Ady was personable and very easy to work with. He went the extra mile at every stage of the process and was receptive to feedback. He gave me a discount and even called me on the phone to introduce himself and talk about the project. He was enthusiastic to work on my music and eager to help me make it sound as good as possible.
Dustin C., Solo Artist
It's the best bro good luck it's been a big pleasure to be recorded by you thanks
simo curly singer songwriterSimo Curly, Singer/Songwriter
The best recording session I have had in my musical experience! Awesome communication. Ady will answer all of your questions about recording, set up the stuff operatively and fit it to your liking if you need. Usually when it comes to recording I feel a bit nervous but the live session with Hit The Road Music Studio was soooo smooth, nice and easy. Highly recommended!!!
Nikita Shemiakin, Guitarist, Take me far away
Great atmosphere during recordings and Ady is a great guy to talk with 😃
Kuba Kulikowski vocals and percussionKuba Kulikowski, Drummer and Vocalist

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