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Ady went with Hit the Road Music Studio on Promix Academy

Wow, I’m thrilled to be on board on Promix Academy! 

A balanced mind helps me to create a balanced mix | Ady Mixing Engineer from Hit The Road Music Studio at a painted wall

Where should I start? I created 16 courses with 23 Tracks, guiding you through the whole process:

  • How we met the Bands
  • Why I chose the specific Microphones
  • How we recorded the Song
  • Guide you through the mixing process
  • Final steps to release the Songs
  • Learn how to prepare Songs for Mixing, bring them further and finish them!
  • 2 x Monthly YouTube Chat to answer your questions to the courses

>>>> You can find all tutorials here <<<<

The Money will help us to continue with our Recording journey and support more artists in the future.

More information about the courses, what can you expect?

What is more crucial than knowing your toolbox and a variety of mixing techniques?

Those courses are inexpensive and fully packed with information!

Every mix is unique and I show you the thinking process behind the EQ moves.

Every decision will make sense to you and this knowledge can be applied universally to your own Mixing style.

You have tutorials like Zegro Band – Yan Akolo Nga: World Music with Jazz Rock

This course is 4 1/2 Hours long and will cover all the basics of Microphones, Mixing techniques, what is Phase and more.

Additionally you get advanced mixing techniques, for example for wider Keys, tight Backing Vocals and more.

Zegro Band | Band Image | Recorded with Hit The Road Music Studio

We got also 2 mixing tutorials with our dear friends from Daraa Tribes, straight from the Desert!

Learn how to record & mix instruments like the Cajon & Djembe for their Desert Blues with this simple technique.

Achieve clean sounding mixes with depth and wideness.

We offer you to Mix the love Song La Klhag 

and “Mel9a Allah” featuring Noura – This Song went out to 175.00+ Listener on YouTube!

Daraa Tribes Band Picture | Hit the road music studio

Discover more for yourself!

Here is a sneak peek where I demonstrate 3 techniques of their course with Noura!

I’m sharing the following mixing techniques here!

At first, I show you how to prepare and organize your Songs.

Here I try to emulate an Analog Mixing Style by using the same channel strip on all tracks.

Additionally, I limit the Plugin use to a maximum of 3 Plugins per track!

The next lesson is how to spice up the Cajon (A wooden drum instrument) with the help of a gate.

At the end of the video, I describe my Miking technique for the Cajon, that I learned in the desert, incl. EQ Points.

Wrap up

I’m very grateful for your support and I’m sure you will learn a lot from those courses.

Hope to see you in the 2 x Monthly Live Chats! 

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Have a great time learning and mixing, really curious about what you come up with!

Hit The Road Music Studio

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