Join us on our Musical journey, this time in Los Angeles

Good Vibes And Great Sound With The Evo16 by Audient

Welcome back to our blog, we have awesome news as always and I’m happy to share our latest crazy mobile recording adventure with you.
I spent a total of 5 weeks in Los Angeles and was kindly hosted by our friend Warren Huart at Spitfire Studio with the possibility to visit NAMM 2022.

Of course, we visited more than once our partners from Kali Audio in their offices in Burbank, having BBQs together, going surfing … the American dream.

After Audient contacted us we became friends from the first mail and thought about a way to collaborate, combined with their latest product release, the EVO16.

This Interface is a game-changer for our mobile recording journeys: Awesome Preamps, Smart Gain feature, Slim with 8 Inputs, and affordable.

We decided to record a Band together in Los Angeles during the short visit, and one phone call to John Melikyan, President of Kali Audio and we had a band, as well as a place.

Today we released already the Blog Post about the whole process and we invite you to join our recording adventures here:

Audient Turns Office Into Temporary Recording Studio

We know the Kali already from our Musical Journey Through Armenia in April 2022, where we recorded 12 Songs in 10 days with local artists in every genre.

During the recording session, the Audient team kindly filmed the whole transformation process and documented every single step, incl. tips and tricks on how to record a live performance.

We hope you enjoy the Blog Post and stay tuned for the final video which will be available on the Evo by Audient YouTube Channel.

Thank you and have a great time Recording!!!

Adrian “Ady” Parzentny
Hit The Road Music Studio

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