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Ady went with Hit the Road Music Studio on the Produce Like A Pro Channel

I had a wonderful time during the Interview with Multi Platinum Producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Ace Frehley…).

I’m so grateful to have a platform with 500,000+ follower to promote the Bands we recorded & our Project.

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My Story about Warren Huart

Warren Huart, though I never met him in Person, is truly my mentor in Music Production.

Fun Story on the side: When I was working in the IT Security company, the day came where I had a Interview for the next “uber” company position.

I was tired of the job, it felt wrong and I was in the middle of learning more about music production.

My Managers came to the desk while I was watching another Produce Like A Pro Video with Warren & Evil Joe Barresi.

“Adrian, are you ready for the Interview?”

I started looking over to the IT Security specialist group I should join, swearing, cursing, being negative and complaining.

Another look to the screen, a new uncertain way as a Music Producer: Good vibes, I understood the language of Amps & great people.

So I turned around and said to my Managers:”Guy’s, I’m sorry! I will rather quit in 6 months, I will become a Music Producer”.

And so I did! It wasn’t easy but it is fun, a never ending process!

Thank you Warren, thank you Evil Joe for making this decision easy!

About the Recording process

We will talk here about the Recording Process with Bands from the desert like Izouran N-Sahara & Daraa Tribes.

That’s why I love our Project “Hit The Road Music Studio” and working with young musicians:

We never stop learning and there is always something new to discover!

I love those support sessions for artists from unloading the gear to setting it up and getting the best sound possible.

We all know that the Sound quality & vibe is determined by the first steps in the recording phase.

Later in the mixing phase, I loved to work closely together with the artists and realize their musical vision.

As a mixing engineer, I know that this is the crucial part of enhancing the Song and bringing the musical vision further to reality.

In the Mastering phase, I had to do minor adjustments for a tight low end.

As you can hear, there are many elements in the Song fighting for space but we managed.

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Wrap up

So I hope you can understand more about my motivation for becoming a Music Producer and how much it means to me to be on this channel.

Produce Like A Pro inspired me from day one, now I’m part of it!

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