New Single release with Hind Ennaira from Meriem Band with support from Hit The Road Music Studio

We got something very special for you!

Ever heard of Gnawa Music?

It is the sacred Music of Morocco that inspired artists like Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Led Zepplin!

Hit The Road Music Studio went one step further and recorded a so-called “Gnawa Fusion” Song.

This means you get elements from the Jazz and Rock sector added to this magnificent music.

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About the Recording process

We recorded the first single for Meriem Band based in Essaouira/Morocco with the backing band from Agadir.

We had a fantastic 16-hour session and worked with full concentration and joy to create the best Song possible.

That’s why I love our Project “Hit The Road Music Studio” and working with young musicians:

We never stop learning and there is always something new to discover!

Thank you to the wonderful Musicians who wrote the Song one day prior recording.

I love those support sessions for artists from unloading the gear to setting it up and getting the best sound possible.

We all know that the Sound quality & vibe is determined by the first steps in the recording phase.

Later in the mixing phase, I loved to work closely together with the artists and realize their musical vision.

As a mixing engineer, I know that this is the crucial part to enhancing the Song and bringing the musical vision further to reality.

In the Mastering phase, I had to do minor adjustments for a tight low end.

As you can hear, there are many elements in the Song fighting for space but we managed.

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More about Gnawa Music

Our mission is to support artists and share more about their culture, heritage, and music.

You will find links below with traditional Gnawa Music, about the Gnawa Culture, and the Gnawa Festival in Essaouira.

About the Music & Instruments

Traditional Gnawa music as below use only 3 Instruments

The Voice, the Gambri & the Karkaba

The Gambri or locally called hajhouj is called the “Moroccan Bass Guitar” that usually get’s amplified with a bridge pickup and have distinct sound.

I personally love this instruments, it goes very deep and is fun to play.

The Karkaba are very loud “metal plates” that play the funkiest rhythms you ever heard.

Check it out here & learn more about the different rhythms

Gnawa Festival in Essaouira

The city of Essaouira, also known as the wind city, is the main point for musicians & artists to gather and exchange their music.

It’s a fantastic vibe and the small Medina (old town) is just magnificent.

Once per year this small city get’s over 250.000 visitors during the Gnawa Festival.

Legends like Mark Miller, Snarky Puppy and many more perform each year.

You can learn more about the festival in this short report from Euro News.

And here is the performance with Hamid El Kasri & Snarky Puppy
Added: Btw the Drummer in this Video for Snarky Puppy was Karim Ziad,  top producer from Algeria and a fantastic drummer.
I had the chance to meet him during 2 of his productions in Studio Hiba and could watch the whole process for 6 days.

Wrap up

So I hope we could bring you this truly magnificent and deeply spiritual culture a little bit closer!

Enjoy discovering new Music and thank you for your fantastic support, you rock! All the best & stay tuned for more!

Hit The Road Music Studio

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