When Polish and Moroccan Artists collaborate, Magic happens!

New Release with “Sun Followers” produced by Hit The Road Music Studio

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Today I want to share with you fresh tunes that we recently released and our new Mix Challenge.

In March 2021 we started to work with Polish-based “Sun Followers” and got hired to produce their new LP.

The Band consists of Polish artists El Cabu, Dawid Albaaj, and Moroccan artist Ayoub Houmana & incl. full backing Band.

You’ll get a refreshing mix of Funk, Rap, Rock & Reggae.

The Band released their debut single “Droga” in June 11th 2021, check it out below!

Mix Challenge – Mix this Song and win Plugins

And that’s not all!

Now you can mix this Song for your own with our July Mixing Challenge at www.mix-challenge.com

Make sure to read the rules before starting to mix!

We will choose 3 winners at the end and you can win fantastic plugins!

Good Luck and show us what you got!

Music Production – make it special

We feel that the process of music production is a special time in the artist’s life.

When I received the phone call from El Cabu it felt directly like the right match to create together.

It’s about building a creative synergy with clear feedback and giving space to try methods out in the production.

Being open for feedback and changes is crucial in the mix, that’s why I offer unlimited revisions with every mix.

Because the focus is on you as an artist and your song.

If you are in the stage to hire a music producer for your next production feel free to check out my mixes.

From Mobile Recording to Remote Mixing, we get you covered: Check out our services here and schedule a free call

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day – hear you soon!

Adrian “Ady” Parzentny
Hit The Road Music Studio


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